The Hook & Moor boat hook

A unique innovation. The Hook & Moor boats hook helps you thread a mooring rope through a mooring ring with a simple pull or push. Always ready to use. No loading, messenger or guide lines. Use the your real mooring line directly. Works as an ordinary boat hook when the hook head is in its locked position. Made of glass fibre reinforced PA, forged aluminum and stainless steel. The telescopic versions becomes only 115 cm in length when folded.

Colour: Alu / Black

Size: 3: 2 meter solid / 4: 2 meter telescopic / 5: 3 meter telescopic

Hooken tre längder

1: Lock/Release button for mooring mechanism.
2: Quick release carabiner for mooring line with gate opening out to prevent mooring ring to get in. Mooring line maximum 22 millimeters.
3: Rotating mooring wheel to thread mooring line through rings. Inside diameter 40 millimeters.
4: Oval shaped aluminum tube to prevent twisting. Air pocket inside to make the hook float.
5: Telescopic lock. Push button to release.
6: Rubber handle